10 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love with Sensual Dance

10 Ways to Cultivate Self-Love with Sensual Dance



Can you learn to love yourself more through sensual dance? Let me count the ways… 

1. Live in the moment

Self love. How does it actually feel in your body? Light? Bright? An expansive sensation in your chest? Sensual dance can be a form of meditation in motion.

By tuning in to your body’s sensations, you train yourself to get out of your head. By moving in a way that feels good, you learn to be more present in your body.

And you can carry that feeling of juicy aliveness, that presence, into your everyday life!

2. Open to your feminine energy

We live in a masculine world, and we often default to masculine energy to get things done. It becomes exhausting.

Connecting to your feminine energy helps you live a more balanced life. Moving in your feminine energy cultivates more joy, self-acceptance and self-love. Yes to that!

3. Find your hidden facets 

Who are you as a sensual woman? How does your sexy, feminine energy express itself? Are you mysterious, lusty, soulful, fiery, playful?

Do you have an inner Marilyn Monroe or Warrior Queen hidden inside you? Most of us have secret parts of our femininity that we might not even be aware of. 

What if you could let your hidden facets come out and play through sensual dance? What if you could embrace and love those parts of yourself? 

4. Feel more free 

How free do you feel in your body? What if you could loosen up? There are a lot of unspoken rules to follow as you move through the world as a woman. It’s like we’re all wearing an invisible corset.

Sensual dance allows you to loosen the laces and step out of the corset in a safe space. It can feel so liberating – breathe and let loose! 

5. Heal shame

As women, so many of us carry old cultural programs of shame around expressing our sensual, sexual selves.

Learning sensual dance, sexy dance, you slowly let go of shame and cultural beliefs about how you ‘should’ be, ‘should’ move, ‘should’ express yourself, and you can simply beyourself. Self love in motion!

6. Fall in love with your body 

How much do you love your body? Sensual dance celebrates your femininity, your spirit and your body, just as it is right now. And as you practice sensual dance, you tone, strengthen and stretch your body.

While you’re dancing, you’re seducing yourself. You fall in love with your unique body. Your unique beauty. You embody self love.

7. Experience sisterhood

In a group class, you learn to see and celebrate other women’s inner and outer beauty. You’re not only celebrating yourself, you discover how each of us is unique and magnificent in our own way, body and soul. When you see other women moving in their beauty, you can better appreciate your own…

We’re all Goddesses! I love seeing the women in my sensual dance classes blossom.

8. Feel sexy!

Do you want to feel more sexy? Sensual dance is… sexy dance. But the way I teach it, it’s not about putting on a sexy act in a porn-star way. Ugh! Noooooo.

You have an innate, natural sexiness that wants to come out. You can embody sexy, your way, in a safe space. This kind of sexy is about emotion and feminine energy and self love moving through your body. And this juicy, turned-on sexy starts inside you

9. Expand your capacity for pleasure

When you move in a pleasurable way, you expand your capacity for pleasure in other areas of your life. When you let go enough to enjoy being in your own skin, you learn to allow more pleasurable sensations into your everyday life.

This is the kind of pleasure that feeds you, body and soul. Satisfying. Fulfilling.

When you do it for yourself, sensual dance is a form of self care. Self love in action. Embodied happiness!

10. Cultivate your confidence 

How comfortable are you with taking up space in the world? With being seen? How much delight do you allow your feminine body?

By embracing the pleasure and the power of sensual movement, by exploring your feminine energy and expressing different facets of yourself, you grow your self love and cultivate your confidence as a woman.  

Are you ready to move into more self love? Would you like to learn to feel like the sexy Goddess you are?

I challenge you to play a song you love today and dance, focussing on the sensations in your body…

And then, share your experience with us here!

To learn more about my sensual dance classes (Essensualité) and my Sensual Woman Workshops, contact me for upcoming dates! 


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