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About Me

Hi! I’m Stephanie and I help women reclaim their confidence and joie-de vivre, awaken their senses and rediscover their feminine beauty and power so they can finally have what they truly, deeply want in life.


Like most good stories, it wasn’t always so…


With my thick glasses, large feet, cherubic wild, curly hair and unusually tall body, growing up was often very painful.


I felt like a Wookie. A big, hairy alien.


I couldn’t be beautiful like other girls, so I tried to do what so many of us do. Be good. Be nice. Be perfect. Make myself smaller.

Take up less room. Be quieter. Less visible. Even though I wanted so much to be seen and heard.


I went through what most women go through. No matter what we look like, we feel the same way. Not short enough, tall enough, thin enough, pretty enough, smart enough.  We learn that we are never, ever enough.

Despite a natural love of sewing, fabric, creative, beautiful clothes and adornment, I had an intense love-hate relationship with fashion and those same negative messages the fashion industry inundates women with.


I tried to toughen up.  I rejected makeup and girly stuff.  I wore my hair buzz-cut short. I pushed away my femininity as a weakness. For an entire decade, I wore my dad’s old leather jacket like armour.

I thought I needed to make myself more masculine to succeed.

Something began to change the day I discovered bellydancing.


I felt the spark of being connected to my body in a way I had never experienced before. I started to feel graceful. Feminine. I discovered I actually liked looking at my tall, curvy body in the mirror.


I fell in love with bellydancing, and went on to teach other women the art. The most rewarding thing was not having my students learn the movements, it was

witnessing them reconnecting with their belly, with their body, and with their femininity. Feelings that come only when the body is in pleasurable motion: especially sensual, fluid, strong, playful and feminine motion.


finally found out what it was to feel ‘right’ in my clothes. To adorn myself with jewels that made me feel like…well…a Goddess. Feel like “Me”.

Everything started to come together.


The deep desire to help women feel beautiful both inside and out inspired me to study image consulting, helping women dress their gorgeous selves. I refined my own methods of helping women dress in a way that made them shine, translating a woman’s essence into a practical vocabulary of their very own style.


Through my own journey and after years of helping my clients, I can confidently say:

It’s about inside and out. We need both in order to thrive. And this combination makes all the difference. 

Having a wardrobe that’s in harmony with the authentic you, and feeling radiant when you’re wearing it! Simply being in your own magnificent, sacred skin.

And so… Magnificently You was born.

A unique method & signature step-by step program that takes you on a joyful journey of reconnection!

To transform both inside and out.


Reclaim your feminine power and regain your natural confidence, so you can go for what you really, truly want in life.


Fall back in love with yourself and create the life you love.

Whether it’s the career you so deeply desire, the recognition and money you deserve, fulfilling, firework-worthy relationships or to simply be happy each and every day…it all begins with magnificent YOU.

And now, the cherry on top with chocolate sauce!

Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach logo Stephanie Wilbur

In 2016, I was excited to discover the “Erotic Blueprints” as a lense through which to understand our erotic nature.



I’d spent years learning about human sexuality, but it was only through the Erotic Blueprints that I understood who I really am as an erotic being.  It’s an amazing ongoing journey, from feeling sexually broken and wanting, to juicy, confident and fulfilled!



I was called to become a Certified Erotic Blueprint Coach to help uplift the way we experience sexuality on our planet.

Since the Netflix series Sex, Love and goop premiered in October 2021, the Erotic Blueprints have really taken off.  It shows us how sex can be so much more.



I believe that more is an essential part of being Magnificiently YOU!

Tap into your Goddess Alchemy and live the divine life you only dare dream of.