Is your life an out-of-body experience?

Is your life an out-of-body experience?


Are you living in your head?

I have some exciting projects unfolding right now. 
Of course, I started out all fired up, joyful, enthusiastic, 
turned on by the delicious possibilities… 
And then, I got scared. 
I started to doubt and attack myself. 
So, what did I do?
I numbed myself out. 
Rather than feeling the fear, the joy, all my messy tangle 
of emotions, I got out of my body and up into my head.
Sigh. Yup. I got comfortably numb. 

It’s how we humans avoid vulnerability. 
Avoid feeling too much. 

Sometimes we’re living in our heads because we’re caught up in thinking, forgetting to be in the here and now.

And/or we’re functioning in go-go-go, do-do-do masculine mode, and we disconnect from our bodies.
But often, we’re up in our heads and comfortably numb because we’ve shut ourselves down from feeling too much.

When we put a lid on our fear, sadness, and anger, we also tamp down our joy and excitement and turn-on.

I do it. It’s my default when things get too much. I avoid. I numb. I escape into a book or a screen. I use distraction. I even resist the pleasures that feed my soul.

My breathing becomes shallow.  
And my experience of life become more shallow, too. 

The only way to move through my numbness is to move myself back into my body.


How do I do that? How do I get out of my head?

I know that to return to a healthy happy state of being, I need to consciously choose pleasure. And damn, it takes discipline and determination, because when I’m numb and disconnected, the last thing I feel like doing is something pleasurable that brings me back into my body

I choose a pleasure practice that moves me out of numbness.  For me, free flowing sensual movement is a powerful way to get unstuck and back into the depths of my aliveness. Fully present.

Carried in the flow of a song, I connect with what’s alive in me.

Moving to music helps us unlock ourselves, because music is a vehicle for the full spectrum of emotions. 

This kind of dance practice helps me unfreeze what’s stuck. As I dance, I move back into myself, my body, my life.

As I dance my way out of numbness, my body welcomes even my darkest emotions. 

Deep sadness can hurt so good. Anger fuels my fire. 
Courage and joy rise up in me. My turn-on unfurls. 
Playfulness and wonder emerge. My lust for life rises. I breathe in. Energy fills my body.


Embodying my emotions through dance, I unlock my feminine erotic energy – my essence, my vitality. 

I feel all of me, alive and alight.


So, now, I’d love to know what you do when you’ve had enough of being 
comfortably numb, or living out of your body and up in your head?  

What tools do you use to move through your emotions? 
To get back into your body and full aliveness?

Share with us here.



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