Confidently shine who you are.



Magnificently You

Dressing well is an act of self-love and empowerment. Authentic style isn’t about following trends or adhering to other’s rules, but choosing only what’s perfect for you.


You deserve to love what you wear and love the woman you are, everyday!


The clothes you put on your body, your accessories, makeup, hairstyle – they can be an extension of your inner beauty, an expression of who you are.


Authentic style is about supporting who you are and making sure you’re seen for who you are.


Learn to more fully express your inner goddess by dressing in a way that is 100% You!

  • Stop wasting money on things you never wear
  • Learn what’s perfect for you (and why!)
  • Feel more beautiful
  • Dress with confidence
  • Build a wardrobe of favorites
  • Enjoy getting dressed every morning

  • Mix and match outfits easily
  • Have fun shopping strategically
  • Save tons of time and energy
  • Express your femininity, your way
  • Bring out your natural charisma
  • Say WOW to the woman you see in the mirror!

How do we create goddess style that works for your busy, juicy life?

1. Love your energy.

Your Energy Style Consultation.


My Magnificently You! process begins on the inside.  We’ll go deep, with a first consultation that will change your way of seeing your gorgeous self.


We’ll focus on decoding and exploring your energy style.  Then we’ll discover how that will translate into wardrobe choices that support your energy and your unique beauty.

(2 hours)

2. Discover your one-of-a-kind colours.

Your Personal Palette Consultation.


Your Personal Palette will be made up of colors that I find in your body, colors that carry a vibration and meaning that are uniquely yours.


Because these colors come directly from your body, they make your natural beauty shine. Because they come from YOU, they fit together effortlessly.


Color is a powerful part of your style vocabulary. It conveys so much!


You can use these colors consciously, as tools to communicate and to enhance your charisma and your energy.


Mixing and matching becomes sooooo much easier! And your personal palette makes shopping simpler and more effective.


Your palette is a tool you’ll use for the rest of your life. Book an appointment today.

(2 hours)

3. Love your wardrobe.

Wardrobe Therapy Consultation.


We’ll choose a season to focus on: spring/summer or fall/winter.  Top to bottom: pants, tops, skirts, coats, t-shirts, bags, belts, boots, everything, even your lingerie and sports bras if need be! We’ll keep only what’s working, what’s truly you.


This is when your unique style code comes together.


Using what you love, I’ll create new outfit combinations to expand the possibilities of what you already own. You’ll have lots of photos to refer back to.


No more ‘I have nothing to wear’ and ‘I don’t know what to wear’!


I’ll also make a list of what’s missing to pull everything together, from basics to accessories, for formal, work and casual outfits.

(5 to 6 hours)

4 & 5. Build your style!

Shopping 101 Consultation.

With the list we made in Wardrobe Therapy, I’ll show you how and what, exactly, to look for to fill your closet with favorites and go-tos.  You’ll learn the basics of shopping strategically, using your style code.

(3 hours)


Shopping 201 Consultation.

This experience is a shopping expedition with your personal style coach by your side. Find more of what you love and is perfect for you! Build your ideal wardrobe, filled with outfits worthy of the goddess you are.

(3 hours)

And beyond…

Once we’ve gone through this process of transformation together, you can choose to go even deeper.

If you want, we can go back to your wardrobe with your new purchases to create even more amazing outfits. Take more photos. Expand your know-how and get you inspired to dress and feel like a goddess, every day.

I also offer a special VIP shopping experience where I do the research and the treasure finding for you.