Quebec fashion and climate change

Quebec fashion and climate change


Consuming responsibly has been important to me for many years. Before I buy, I look at tags: Where does it come from? Who made it? And it’s a pleasure for me to buy local.  

You’re no doubt aware that buying from small producers is an easy, satisfying strategy to consume more responsibly.  

It feels good to choose fashion made in Canada, Québec or Montréal. 

Why? because:

  • Protecting the environment is important to me
  • I want to buy things that pollute less
  • I love contributing to the local economy  
  • I love supporting women’s creativity and businesses
  • I want the people who make my clothes to be paid a decent, living salary and enjoy safe working conditions (vs exploitation and sweat shops!) 
  • And of course because I love quality, clothes that are well made, durable and original! 

When I buy an item of clothing that I adore and that’s perfect for me, I want to keep it for a long time.

I prefer to buy less, but better. 

Many of Canada’s and Québec’s female fashion designers are intent on making quality clothing that’s durable, ethical, and more sustainable than what you can find in the big Fast Fashion chain stores. 

Yes to Slow Fashion!


There are designers for all tastes and wallets. The local fashion landscape is rich and diverse: casual and business clothes, lingerie, basics and more fanciful creations.  

Do a search for ‘mode éthique Québec’, sustainable fashion Canada (or local to your region), and exciting discoveries await you!  

Here are a few suggestions. 

Ramonalisa – Eco Chic for the sustainable fashionista. Offers a free guide: 6 Smart, Stylish ways to make your wardrobe more sustainable.

Gaia et Dubos – Classic and feminine, from pyjamas to pant suits. The designer is preparing a book on sustainable fashion.

Katrin Leblond – Colourful and artistic

Marigold – Contemporary style

Atelier Aleur – Lingerie

Noemiah – Poetic

Isabelle Elie – High-end, feminine

Abaka – Vêtements écoresponsables pour femmes, hommes et enfants

Rien ne se perd – Vêtements écoresponsable pour femmes, hommes et enfants

Valerie Dumaine – Elegant, vegan

Meemoza : So charming…

Vêtements Mandala Wear : Casual and yoga chic, also have plus sizes

Fig Clothing : Casual, lots of knits, travel collection


Have fun shopping!

Yes to choosing what’s perfect for you.
Yes to wearing what sparks joy in you!

P.S If you don’t like to shop on-line you can find many of these designers in stores – cf Stockists or boutiques on their website.



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