Pleasure is Goddess fuel. We need it to be our radiant selves.

Without it, our lives become depleted. We get worn down. Our life seriously lacks ‘joie de vivre’. Our light dims and can even flicker out to the point of depression.

We often equate pleasure with the superficial, the self-indulgent, the superfluous. Here is a secret too few women have been taught: Pleasure is really about LOVE. Pleasure is soul food that reaffirms our sense of worthiness.

Every time we choose to give ourselves gifts of time, presence, delight and joy, we are saying: I love you. I feel you. I am worthy. My body is cared for. My body is worthy. My body is loved. Life is good and I deserve good things. I deserve beauty. I deserve relaxation. I deserve care. I deserve kindness. I am worthy of receiving and feeling good.

We are affirming: I’m important enough to give myself this time and attention and to give myself priority, here and now.

Feeling the sun warm my face as I take a moment to relax. The exquisite caress of my hand on my skin as I apply lotion. Deep dark chocolate melting on my tongue. Having fun in a dance class. Making the cashier smile with my banter. Savouring the delicious stretch of my back. Cooking and enjoying a meal together. Feeling sexual pleasure. The delight of playing Frisbee with the dog. Wearing my most gorgeous dress. Exploring an art exhibit. Luxuriating in the welcoming beauty of my bedroom. Singing a favourite song. Pleasures. Everyday pleasures.

Consistently giving ourselves pleasure creates emotional connection between our body and our spirit. Pleasure connects us to others and to ourselves. Pleasure brings us into the moment through our senses, and connects us to life.
It creates a positive feedback loop that feeds our feminine power.

Without pleasure, we can survive, but we cannot thrive.
Pleasure fills our cup so we can give of ourselves from a place of abundance. Pleasure takes us higher.


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