Thighs who love too much

Thighs who love too much

If you like to wear skirts in the summer as much as I do, there are many solutions to protect the inside of your thighs against chafing.

While you can apply lubricating powders and cremes to minimize friction, today I’m going to share style solutions.


(Note : the brands I name are for information purposes only – I’m not getting paid to promote their products!)

A few years back, I recommended ‘Bandelettes’ to a client. They are a kind of lacy elastic garter bands like those you find at the top of ‘stay up’ hose.

Her experience: they work, but like the hose, they tend to slip down a bit in spite of the silicone backing. Make sure to measure your thighs to get the best fit. Great for a date night!

Another client likes to wear capri leggings under short skirts or tunics. That works for a more casual look, and great for riding your bike, but it is warmer to layer in the heat. 

Or else she reaches for shorts.

But what if you want something dressier?

Well, jumpsuits are very popular right now, and can be very chic.

Because this client enjoys sewing and has great legs, I recommended she make herself some chic rompers, short jumpsuits in fluid, feminine fabrics, to feel dressier when she goes out at night.

She chose an elegant Deer and Doe pattern. You could choose a style with a fuller, more skirt-like short or a flowy pant bottom.

There are also ‘thigh saver’ shorts you can wear under a fitted skirt. Look for light, breathable, moisture-wicking technical fabrics.

Some sources: Knix, Thigh Society and Undersummers.

Finally, I’m planning on sewing myself some silky tap pants. Made out of light rayon or silk, they act as a slip under wider, more flowy skirts.

This style of lingerie was popular in the 30’s and 40’s. I’m testing patterns and can keep you updated on how it works out.  

If you have to deal with thighs who love each other a little too much, what are your favourite strategies?

Share your solutions with other Goddesses!


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