How does feel sexy in your body?

How does feel sexy in your body?

How does sexy feel in your body?

S Factor & the embodiment of sexy

S Factor is a feminine movement practice where women go to reclaim their bodies, their sensuality and their sexuality.  While there is no nudity, the classes take you in a journey to redefine sexy and explore the sensuality and sexiness of your uniquely gorgeous feminine body. 

It’s a body-spirit practice in which you learn to reclaim the parts of your feminine being that have been shut down by our culture.

It’s deep, it’s fun and it’s amazing. And I’ll be teaching it!

What is sexiness, really?

Being sexy is not static. You feel it when you move in pleasure. It comes alive in your sensuality, in your senses. It lives in you muscles, your sinews, your skin.

It’s in your breath. In every cell of your body.

Sexiness has many flavours. It comes alive through your feelings.

Your sexiness is complex, layered with the dark and light emotions you experience in your body.

After all, we often feel more than one emotion at a time! 

Your sexiness can be innocent and teasing – think of Marylin Monroe in her white halter dress.

Your sexiness can be deep and soulful, like a sad song that hurts so good. 

Your sexiness can be naughty, rebellious, provocative – the allure of the bad boy/bad girl.

Your sexiness can be shy, reluctant. You are a mystery to be discovered.

Your sexiness can be fiery and fierce, spiky and smouldering with anger. Dangerous. Challenging. Hot.

Your sexiness can be nurturing. Earthy. Blissfully eager to please. 

Your sexiness can be yummy, lusty and hungry for pleasure. A purring, growling panther.

Your sexiness can be icy, majestic, only allowing in what’s good enough for you and disdaining the rest, because you deserve the best. 

Your sexiness can be full of heart, with the strength that comes from overcoming life’s difficulties. 

Your sexiness can be happy and playful and fun-loving.

Your sexiness be anything you feel in your body. It can take on so many flavours and nuances! Imagine being able to welcome and celebrate them all? 

Through S Factor, I’m learning that our sexuality and our sensuality can be as rich and complex as we are – as you are.  Fully embodied, they express the wholeness of who you are.

Most importantly, they make you feel fully alive. 

So how does sexy feel for you?

Maybe it’s been a while since you were really lit up. Maybe, like so many women, you’ve never yet experienced this full expression in your body. 

Even though I’ve tasted some blissful moments of being out of my thoughts and fully into my body, it’s an ongoing journey of discovery, and one I’m so excited to experience and share, by teaching this movement to women like you!

If you’re curious to explore how sexiness can feel in your body, come join me in my next Sensual Woman Workshop or class.


How alive can you feel?


Contact me to find out more!

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